Code: KB-PM-EN-2
Publish time: Tuesday 22 January 2013

Sign up in PARS DATA

For using all the product and also order the products and services of pars data, first of all it is necessary to register by refer to this address and if you have already registered by enter the username and password login to your control panel.
  • By login to the address, you will see below page that has 2 main section : member login and new user.
  • If you have already registered, you can login to you panel by enter user name and password.
  • If you have not already created an account through registration link in the address log in to the page that you can become member of pars data. Just enough enter your name and your last name and your email in this part and click on sign up button.
  • You will see the message that "user profile has been sent to your email, Up to 5 days ahead, make your first entry into the control panel otherwise registration will be cancelled".
  • After refer to your email and receive username and password to enter your control panel and do first login to your system to activate your account
    account info
Last update: Wednesday 1 November 2017 13:11:04