Code: KB-PP-EN-11
Publish time: Saturday 20 June 2015

Set permission to create the files folder

    In Pars Portal and Pars Support software, for saving files automatically, The "Files" folder created by software in the site root next to the "WWW" directory (This folder is different from the File folder inside WWW which is used to save multimedia files).
    To create this folder and inner files, we should set  permission for the user that is related to the website. If you use share hosting, this permission should be managed by your web hosting provider, otherwise please do the following steps in the IIS service and physical path of site.
  • First step you should create a user for your site. Be noticed that this user just has permission to access the related site not others. To create user, you can go to the "local users and groups" part in "Server manager" ,right click on "users" and select "new user", then enter username and password and finally click "Create" button:

  • In the location of physical files of site you must change the permission of site user to full control. For this purpose right click on web site folder and in "security tab" in "properties" section click on "edit" , in window that opened enter your web site username and click on check name for identification of user. 

  • Select username and click OK. In permission window you can select full control permission

  • In this step in IIS setting, right click on your site and select "Edit Permissions".

  • In security tab edit permission to full control.

Last update: Saturday 21 October 2017 13:08:51