Code: KB-P2-EN-3
Publish time: Wednesday 24 October 2012

Change the password in Pars Portal software

One of the ways to protect the login of system is that change them periodically because during the time this probability increases that others figure out your password? It is recommended that you do this at least three months once.
As you know user name and password that after registration sent to yr email, it is need to protect and care of that, for this purpose if it is necessary you can change this password, for this purpose Just do the following steps to arrange.
  • Enter in to control panel.
  • As you see in the picture, there is letterhead in top of the page. Click on my account:
  • After click on my account letterhead you reach on below page that you will see personal information, as you can see in the pictures click on "Change Password" icon.
  • You can enter in this part the new username.

  • After click on "change password", you will see the green message on the page. In this case yr password have been changed to control panel.

Last update: Saturday 21 September 2013 10:07:02