Code: KB-SF-EN-3
Publish time: Sunday 23 September 2012

How to create domain parking?

Domain parking is called to the services that are used for parking, domain registration, and lack of web hosting. In other words domain parking or parking page is the page that before preparing the web site design will be displayed.
One of the unique features of Pars Data domain parking is display the number of visitors and another feature is possibility to chose the template through users that don't have recognize with html.
  • Enter to control panel of Pars Data members
  • Click on "free services" on the right site of control panel.
  • After logging in to the free services, click on "creation domain parking" icon.
  • you can enter in this part the feature of Domain Parking.
  • In the "Template" part, you can choose one template.
  • By choose the creating custom template you can "create the custom template".
  • After finish the steps, with click on "Submit" button, have been save the specified setting. Therefore you will have a free webhosting page for yr domain.
Note that for using this service you must put and as domain name server.
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