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Publish time: Tuesday 27 November 2012

How to registration of ir free domain by using discount code

Pars Data free domain registration is special for .ir domains. In this service users by enter the discount code that is declared through Pars Data in domain registration process, can register the desired ir domain for one year as free.
  • Log in to Pars Data members control panel. If you are not a member, click here to create membership (registration is free).
  • Click on "Domain & Host" in the right side of control panel. By enter to domain and hosting page click on "Domain registration" icon.
    Free Domain
  • After enter to domain registration page, enter your domain desired name and just put the selected status the ".ir" suffix and check out the other suffixes from selected status. By press the "Go!" bottom you will enter the second stage.
    Free Domain
  • In this stage is taken the Whois of domain that entered and if the domain is free will appear a message regarding that domain registration is free and doing the continue of registration stages. Press the "continue" button.
    If the desired domain is already registered, will appear a message regarding that the domain is not free. In this status you should have chosen the other name for domain.
    Free Domain
  • In this stage it is necessary the discount code that is declared though Pars Data company enter the "Promotion code" filed and press the "Submit" button.
    Free Domain
  • At this time the code that entered is checked and if confirm it, a massage will be appear regarding of acceptance of discount code.
    With enter the discount code, if the code is true, this phrase: 1 Year (0 Rls) will be displayed in the column of "duration".
    Free Domain
    Also in this stage it is necessary that the information are entered such as first name, last name, phone No, email, national code and etc.
    If you don't complete the national code field, your domain will not be confirmed through NIC and you can't use from this domain.
  • In 4 stage, if you want you can attempt regarding to provide the web hosting for your domain. Also in this section are determined the name servers. Press "continue" button.
    Pay attention that in this section, you must use the valid Name Server's and if you have not considered specific NS, you can use and as Domain Name Servers.
    Free Domain
  • In this section reporting of selected items will be displayed. By press "Finish" button will be finished the domain registration stage.
    Free Domain
  • In this stage your domain is registered and after final confirmation of organization of registration the fundamental knowledge (NIC), you can use from your domain.
    Free Domain
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