Code: KB-PM-EN-01
Publish time: Monday 21 January 2013

Using promotion code to order products and services of parsdata

In order to use and buy all of the product and services of Pars Data by refer to this address you can order your desired product and services and if you have promotion code, it is enough enter the desired code when you order that is explained how to use it. First of all, it is necessary you register in the Pars Data and if you have already registered login the panel by enter your user name and password. For more information to register in the Pars Data, click on below link.
  • After login to panel, to order according to your products or service, choose product or domain and host item.
    products order
  • In stage of calculate the price, if you have promotion code enter it in relevant section and click on submit button until if the code was correct, the prices are calculate based on it and do the rest of process the order and payment
Last update: Wednesday 1 November 2017 13:09:57